Did You See Julissa on The Doctors?

Julissa was dating a man she met at church for three months before he unexpectedly showed up to her home one night, naked, with a knife.

Julissa lost her eyesight that night while protecting her 12-year-old son from this man’s violent episode. She was stabbed in the face over 25 times. With blood pouring from her head, everything went black.

Doctors told Julissa she would never see again. But through months of perseverance, she regained her vision, little by little.

Today, Julissa has gained about 30% of her eyesight back, and can see even more through the power of eSight Eyewear.

As an eSight user, Julissa will be able to see her son graduate high school, watch him fall in love, meet her future grandchildren, and enjoy all of life’s beauty.

Julissa doesn’t consider herself a victim. She’s a survivor, and she continues to fight for the world she loves - a world she can now see clearly because of eSight.

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