Help People Regain Their Vision and You Can Change Their Life.

Consider Making a Modest Donation

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We have a large waiting list of visually impaired individuals who need eSight but cannot afford to pay for it. Many of these individuals launch online crowdsourcing campaigns, hold fundraising events, and approach family, friends and their community for donations. We do our best to help with these activities.

We also receive donations – from $5 to $1,000, and every amount in between. These donations add up quickly and have resulted in many visually impaired individuals being able to regain their sight with eSight.

Some such donations are sent to us directly, like the donation option above. Some donations are made through online crowdsourcing campaigns. In every case, 100% of what is donated goes to pay for a person’s eSight. We can also direct you to registered foundations who can process your donation and issue tax receipts in the United States and Canada. Just contact us to learn more about this.

We have also had generous business people, high-net-worth individuals and religious groups donate the full cost of eSight for one or more visually impaired person(s). These amazing acts of generosity have made a life-altering impact for the grateful recipients – and the donor as well. Please contact us if this interests you.

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Spread Our Message

Spread our message

Do you know anyone who can help us on our mission? Tell them about eSight.
All new technologies are spread through word of mouth. If you know anyone that can help us please reach out to them. They could introduce us to someone who is blind or maybe to someone who can help us help others. Here are some ideas of who to share eSight with:

Share eSight with:

▪ Friends, family, acquaintances.
▪ Places of work
▪ Places of study
▪ Places of worship
▪ Service clubs
▪ Associations
▪ Charitable organizations
▪ Insurance companies
▪ Government
▪ Media
▪ Celebrities
▪ Opthalmologists or opticians


Do you know any blind people? If you do, please encourage them to try eSight, there is a good chance it will change their life. Contact us to arrange a free demonstration.
eSight works for most visual impairments and has helped thousands of individuals see for the first time. There are millions left to go, and we need your help to get a pair of eSight on everyone who needs it.

SHARE online

Post or send an eSight video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other online network.
If you share an eSight video there is a good chance someone will be able to see again because of it, people contact us everyday because they saw one of our videos on Facebook and other social media websites.

There are thousands of people eagerly waiting to hear about eSight.


Consider making a modest donation for someone who can't afford eSight.
No matter how small, any donation can make a difference. We've had over 100 people fundraise for eSight and we can't let cost be a barrier for those who are blind.

Currently, there are over 250 people trying to fundraise for eSight. 100 cents of every dollar goes toward the blind person trying to pay for eSight. Tax receipts are available.


70% of working age blind people are unemployed. eSight gets people ready to work, they just need a company to work at now.
At eSight, over 20% of our workforce is blind and many of them went from unemployed to seasoned executives. Talk to your hiring manager, show them our website, print the factsheet, and contact us to learn more.

SHOW eSIGHT TO YOUR local GOvernment

In order to make eSight accessible to everyone we need to work with local governments to make it happen.
It is in local government's best interest to help their blind citizens see again. Getting back to work means paying taxes and relying less on government resources.

Let us know what you did,
we'll mail you a certificate and gold pin.

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