What Is eSight?

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An Innovative Breakthrough

Electronic glasses that let people with vision loss actually see!

eSight is the only patented, assistive-device of its kind anywhere in the world. eSight is wearable, handsfree, portable - and most importantly, eSight is a non-surgical device. eSight is registered with the United States FDA.  eSight Corporation is inspected by Health Canada.

Photo of eSight headset

Does eSight Really Work?

To date, hundreds of people with vision loss have regained their vision thanks to eSight. 

They include visually impaired individuals:

Individuals with vision loss simply need to try eSight to see if it works for them without any risk or cost.

Notwithstanding this, eSight recognizes that some organizations, clinicians or experts feel more comfortable if clinical trials are conducted.

eSight is to be the subject of a major new clinical trial in 2016 that includes the participation of:

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