Enabling legally blind students to actually see

eSight allows legally blind students to fully and independently participate inside and outside of their classroom.

eSight and Education

As a legally blind student, your success
may be stifled by the standard, incomplete accommodations an institution provides

eSight offers students with a versatile vision enhancement tool that provides access to educational materials at any distance, whether a book held in the lap or notes displayed at the front of the room, and the social interactions with peers that they’d otherwise miss.

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The Experience Of Our Users

eSight has dramatically improved my educational experience. I passed my first semester of College with a 3.1 GPA, and without eSight, I have no idea how I would have done it. With eSight, I can not only see the board better, but I can actually use the device’s camera to take pictures of it!
eSight has been a huge help in the classroom. Before eSight, I struggled to read the smartboard and other materials, and this made learning the way my classmates did very hard. With eSight, I can now see the board with ease, and complete my homework  so much faster.
eSight has been amazing for Ethan. He is able to read a book, play a video game and get his homework done. With eSight he is able to see all the same things that we do!! Before esight he found it difficult to do homework, he would have to pull out his gigantic CCTV. But eSight makes it easy.

Complete access to an inclusive academic experience

Since eSight both replaces the functions of other low-vision tools and bridges the functional gaps that those tools would
leave, many students use only eSight for accommodations. Schools can offer
eSight at lower costs than what they currently spend while also getting much
better results for the student. This is a major improvement from today's landscape, where, despite the tremendous importance of education in determining the future of an individual, students with low-vision suffer from chronic under-achievement and poor access educational materials due to the restrictions of their vision loss.
  • Inclusion
    With eSight, students who are living with legal
    blindness will have access to a complete, inclusive academic experience
  • Access
    From textbooks to laptops and all of the tools
    and technologies in today's classroom, students can access and comfortably use various materials for learning
  • Social Participation
    Participate in the social elements of school.
    See the looks on a friend's face. Play sports with friends. Engage fully in all that education has to offer.
  • Financial Savings
    eSight can replace the many single-task
    assistive devices that are currently available but that do not provide actual sight

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