Welcome to eMPOWER!

We understand that many individuals who have an impactful eSight Experience cannot immediately afford one.

That is why we built eMPOWER, an intelligent platform that will create a customized plan to help you find the money for your eSight.

Hundreds have discovered sight with eMPOWER - and now you can, too!

Dollars Raised To Date


"I raised $14,000 within weeks! With eMPOWER, I had a game plan from day one, and could easily focus on sharing my story with as many people as possible."

Dr. Mary S.

"I knew eSight would change my life, there was one problem: I couldn't afford it. eMPOWER recommended I reach out to my church, and they helped me make a down payment!"

Todd M.

"Fundraising is not easy - especially at my age - but eMPOWER was incredibly helpful. I would have never thought to reach out to my local Lions Club otherwise!"

Gary F.

"I can't believe we raised $9,995 in 24 hours. eMPOWER opened my eyes to just how generous, kind and big-hearted my personal network is. They literally gave my baby sight!"

Abi S.