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Whether your organization works directly for the visually impaired or a general charitable purpose, partnering with eSight empowers you to contribute towards real solutions for a remarkable cause: The restoration of functional human sight.

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Discover how eSight can elevate your narrative

Working with eSight to provide our electronic glasses for the visually impaired - through funding that goes directly towards the purchase of eSight, with no administrative or additional fees levied by us - can unlock the full potential of your storytelling as an organization that is striving to make the world a better place.

With enhanced ability to work, study and participate in all Activities of Daily Living, low-vision individuals who wear eSight become capable of achieving the same level of success as the regularly-sighted - a dramatic, transformative outcome that speaks deeply to the compassion of organizations that support it.

Unlock the ultimate win-win

Charitable Recipients

Complete independence

With eSight, visually impaired people can work, study and participate in all Activities of Daily Living.

Quality of life

eSight wearers report significant increases in their quality of life - a remarkable development in a population that is too-often unemployed, socially isolated and afflicted with a host of mental health issues related to their condition.

True mobility

Our patented Bioptic Tilt technology, seamlessly blending peripheral and central vision, inspires unequaled mobility that allows the visually impaired to ‘get out there’ like perhaps they never have - and maybe even to publicly thank a generous organization who helped them do it!

Charitable Organizations

Enhanced reputation

Develop the story of your organization as one that is addressing one of the most pressing, isolating and socially damaging disabilities in the world. Leverage our brand and media - one that has gathered hundreds of millions of online impressions.

Answer with power

Build your reputation as an organization that supports concrete, tangible solutions that can genuinely change the lives of the people you touch.

A meaningful, relevant network

eSight associates closely with many other organizations around the world who are fighting visual impairment. Helping to spread this technology alongside us can open strong opportunities for additional new partnerships.

Real wearers, real stories

“In addition to taking care of my family, I work full-time, independently doing all the things that most people take for granted – commuting on a train, flying on planes, attending conferences, leading meetings, giving speeches, and doing media interviews. I no longer receive disability payments. Instead, I proudly pay taxes.”

Yvonne, 34, Stargardt Disease

Take your charitable organization to the next level of partnership.

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With eSight, your non-profit or charitable foundation can help the visually impaired gain greater sight through breakthrough technology. We look forward to discussing how we can potentially explore partnership opportunities for funding, promoting and demonstrating eSight alongside your initiatives related to accessibility and assistance for people with disabilities. eSight can help increase the profile, reach and influence of your organization, as well as assist you in fulfilling your own mandate and mission to see the world and change the world. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.