Connecting vision and government

eSight empowers your health policy with a restorative, independence-granting disability solution that can mitigate long-term costs, transform social service claimants into taxpayers, and offer unparalleled storytelling opportunities for your administration.

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Discover how eSight can elevate healthcare policy

Integrating eSight into your healthcare system can unlock the full potential of your visually impaired constituents.

With an enhanced ability to work, study and live independently, visually impaired people who wear eSight become capable of achieving the same level of success as everybody else - and all without the need for costly support from specialized personnel, social programs or one-off technologies that your administration may work with currently.

Unlock the ultimate win-win

Low-Vision Citizens

Engage with the workforce

Thanks to eSight, visually impaired people are able to return to or begin working professionally for the first time, allowing them to contribute to your tax base.

Contributing to community

With eSight, the isolation that many visually impaired people experience can be transformed, allowing them to contribute not only professionally and as taxpayers, but in their engagement with public and community organizations as well.

Independence from disability

With eSight enabling the visually impaired to participate fully in all Activities of Daily Living, reliance on disability programs and other public organizations can be a thing of the past.

Government Institutions

Reduce costs in social services

As eSight restores the independence of citizens, the need to rely on public services for daily living, transportation and more will markedly decrease.

Efficient use of funding for assistive devices

For governments that offer direct distribution, reimbursement, or other forms of funding for assistive devices, eSight is a singular solution that addresses the full needs of a low-vision population.

Tap into undiscovered potential

Visually impaired people represent a marginalized and isolated community. eSight can enable them to realize their fullest potential, potentially developing them into model citizens that can contribute positively towards the welfare of society as a whole.

Clinically validated for public confidence

"eSight provides unprecedented improvement in a number of visual performance measures. More importantly, wearers experience much improved day-to-day visual ability when using eSight. This device has a substantial impact on the lives of many people with severe vision loss.”

Dr. Gislin Dagnelie, MS
John Hopkins Medicine

Support your visually impaired citizens like never before.

Get in Touch

With eSight, your government can do more for the visually impaired through effective health policy. eSight would be pleased to work with you on how best to integrate eSight into your public health planning, device reimbursement planning, disability services, and all other policy areas relating to the legally blind and/or visually impaired. We look forward to hearing from you!