Connecting eyesight and insurance

eSight empowers you to give your visually impaired policyholders the most important benefit of all: Functional sight.

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Discover how eSight can elevate visual impairment claims

With an enhanced ability to work, study and live independently, visually impaired people who wear eSight become capable of achieving the same potential as the regularly-sighted - and all without the need for costly claims related to surgeries, single-function assistive devices, or other benefits that your visually impaired clients may qualify for.

Including eSight as a device that qualifies for reimbursement can unlock the full value of your visually impaired clients.

Unlock the ultimate win-win


Unique satisfaction

Satisfied with having their eSight reimbursed, and looking forward to the possibility of having future eSight technologies reimbursed as well, your visually impaired clients are virtually guaranteed to not consider leaving your firm for a competitor that does not offer the equivalent coverage.

Looking to grow

As eSight enables your visually impaired clients to potentially begin or return to gainful employment, their ability to potentially expand their coverage - or purchase additional insurance products your firm carries - will increase accordingly.

Strong word of mouth

Friends, family and other caregivers play an enormous part in the lives of most visually impaired people - the impact that reimbursing a device like eSight can make on the people around your clients can lead to a strong interest from them to engage with your services themselves.

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Eliminate related claims

Reimbursing for eSight can reduce or eliminate claims not only for other assistive device, but also do away with claims for services that go alongside the difficulties of visual impairment, such as claims for mental health services, or injuries sustained as a result of not being able to move or live safely.

Predictable costs

Depending on the nature and severity of their condition, the amounts and types of claims that the visually impaired can be very difficult to predict.  eSight is as close to a ‘one size fits all’ solution that the visual assistive space has.

Grow your CSR profile

By supporting eSight for your visually impaired clients, your CSR reputation is greatly enhanced as an organization that is truly invested in the well-being of the visually impaired and legally blind.

Real wearers, real stories

“In addition to taking care of my family, I work full-time, independently doing all the things that most people take for granted – commuting on a train, flying on planes, attending conferences, leading meetings, giving speeches, and doing media interviews. I no longer receive disability payments. Instead, I proudly pay taxes.”

Yvonne, 34, Stargardt Disease

Build your business by including a revolutionary technology for the visually impaired.

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