Turn vision into your organization's greatest strength

eSight empowers you to give your visually impaired employees the most important benefit of all: Functional sight.

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We offer eSight to all of our employees experiencing vision loss. It's part of our long-standing commitment to invest in our people and their growth.

Our growing team decided to use eSight to hire new talent—and we've seen stellar performance and retention to validate this decision tenfold.

eSight made my employee finally feel like they were part of the team.

As a manager, I sleep better now that my visually impaired employees have access to their sight and can make the safest and most informed decisions at work.

Discover how eSight elevated this business

Bringing eSight to my business will forever be the highlight of my career.

Afters years of witnessing one of my employees lose her vision, I knew it was time to act. I remember being in tears when she experienced eSight for the first time in the office and, shockingly, saw everything clearly.

In addition to her vision, eSight restored my employee's confidence and energy. Her accuracy and efficiency on the job noticeably increased, and our own clients felt proud walking into our office knowing what we stood for.

—Dr. Nancy Amir, Business Owner

Unlock the ultimate win-win


Complete independence

See, and directly engage with, the work you love. Transpose your workflow straight to eSight's near-to-eye displays so you can tackle the task at hand with utmost clarity.

Collaboration made easy

eSight’s advanced algorithms and best-in-class features means that you can run team meetings and share insights from the same screens, presentations, and reports as your colleagues. 

True mobility

Our patented Bioptic Tilt technology, seamlessly blending peripheral and central vision, inspires unequaled mobility so you can commute safely and effectively maneuver around the workplace.


Boost your bottom-line

Profoundly uplift employee productivity through restored sight to grow your top-line output dramatically. At the same time, avoid spending money on costly single-purpose assistive devices and settling for higher turnover rates.

Increase retention and satisfaction

Enable your legally blind staff to work, socialize, and navigate with complete confidence and dignity. Join savvy employers who provide sight, and experience drastically higher retention rates.

Tap into high-end talent

In times of historic unemployment, eSight gives you the inside-track to hiring from an incredibly versatile talent pool with an immense skillset. In doing so, your business may also qualify for state-administered hiring incentives.

See the benefit in helping people see

I nearly gave up. But eSight changed my life.

After being let go once my previous employer learned about my visual impairment, I felt truly hopeless.

I have always been a hard-working, loyal, and dedicated team player with a lot to offer. But it wasn't until my current employer gave me a shot, while also providing me with eSight, that I was put in a position to truly succeed.

My restored vision helped me hit the ground running and contribute from Day 1. To this day, I feel so deeply valued and motivated to continue supporting myself and my loved ones, and I’ve never felt more loyal to my employer, or more engaged and productive than I am, today, with eSight.

—Gary Foster, Employed eSighter

The eSight Advantage

With eSight


31% Improvement


Level 10 EES* Score


100% Retention Rate
Among Employers Who Provide eSight

Studies sampled actual eSighters who regularly wear the device at work.
Cost savings calculated across a five year horizon.

You're in good company

Join these incredible employers who proudly stand by the power of sight.

Develop your business by unlocking the potential of visually impaired employees.

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At eSight, we can connect your visually impaired employees with improved sight, offering them greater productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and more. With eSight, your organization can increase profits, lower costs, reduce turnover, and do more to support your accessibility programs for disabled and handicapped employees. To learn about how eSight can impact your workplace, please contact us via the form below - we look forward to hearing from you!