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May 07, 2020

Parents of Low Vision Children Share their Favourite Accessible Entertainment

We hosted a virtual coffee chat for parents of low vision children on April 8, 2020, featuring Seanette Haynes, Manager, Job Development. The topic had parents discussing how we’re navigating our new home environment during COVID-19. During this time, parents offered up their tried-and-true methods for keeping their kids engaged, the apps they find the most helpful, and the key services that they access.

Family sitting together looking at a tablet.

How are you keeping your family stimulated in lieu of face-to-face socialization?

Virtual Comedy Shows
One parent shared that their family was currently enjoying a new, innovative virtual comedy show hosted by Flappers Comedy Club, where you can buy a ticket to a live show for a small fee. This can definitely help perk up the spirits of those feeling disconnected and restless from staying inside.

Cooking Streams
For the burgeoning chefs in the family, they might be more interested in tuning into Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, a culinary competition that spanned three weeks last month. Although the Kitchen Party is over for now, similar programming can be found on the Food Network or other streaming services.

Home Meal Deliveries
One parent’s recommended Home Chef, a meal delivery service that helps to simplify dinner prep which can even help bring your kids into the kitchen.

Social Distancing Activities
Finally, other suggestions included stepping outside for a short walk, meeting up with friends virtually, and family movie time at home – with popcorn!

What have you found helpful in the home?

Parents on the call stressed the importance of keeping a schedule for themselves and their kids, regardless of whether or not they we’re working from home. There are a variety of example schedules that can be found online, but it can also be an enjoyable activity for you and your family to create together.

Daily planner lying on a laptop along with a notebook. Part of eSight Eyewear's accessible entertainment

Physical Activity
Furthermore, callers emphasized that they continue to do physical activities at home to keep up their quota of daily physical exercise.

Making Personal Time for Parents
Parents also recommended ensuring that you are always making time for yourself, even in your busiest of days.

What accessible entertainment apps are you using?

The parents provided an abundant amount of their personal favourites, which have been divided into 3 main categories as follows.

Health and Wellbeing

Breathe: breathing control
Stop Breathe Think: general meditation and mindfulness
Headspace: general meditation and mindfulness
Breathewrk: breathing exercises
Nature Soundscapes: ambient, white noise and naturalistic sounds
DDP Yoga: fitness and yoga (requires no running, jumping, or lifting)

Young girl meditating outside. Part of eSight Eyewear's tips for parents of low vision children

House Party: group video chatting
Blind Racer: drive with ears instead of eyes (created for the blind and visually impaired)
Accessibyte: educational and fun apps for students of all ages (usable with low, no, or any vision)

eBooks and Audiobooks
OverDrive: borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video
Libby, by OverDrive: built in eBook reader and audiobook player

What programs and services are you finding useful?

School Boards
Parents recommended getting content from your local district school board to supplement at-home learning.

Public Community Resources
As well, they suggested seeking help as needed from your local community and professional medical resources, and/or from online support groups specific to your family’s needs.

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