Everything you want to know about eSight: Blind Like Me

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January 21, 2020

This Episode of Blind Like Me: Everything you want to know about eSight

Blind Like Me Host Tim Black, tried eSight earlier this week. He shares his experience and asks us the tough questions. Learn everything about this low vision aid from two different experiences, home trials, cost, financing options, and real-life experiences.

About Blind Like Me and Tim Black

Blind Like Me is a tech and information podcast to help the blind and visually impaired founded by Tim Black. Time is a Morning Show Host and Program Director for Bell Media Radio. He’s a family man and a true Canadian. He was born with bilateral coloboma with some of his sight returning at age four. He was told he would not succeed in radio, and proved those naysayers wrong as he’s in the middle of a successful career leading him across the country.