Glasses That Let The Visually Impaired See

eSight is a technological breakthrough that restores sight, and transforms lives.

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The more I use eSight, the more I discover I'm able to do.

- David, 36, Optic Neuropathy

One of the Best Inventions of 2017.

- TIME Magazine

Wearers experience much improved day-to-day visual ability.

- Dr. Gislin Dagnelie, MS, John Hopkins Medicine

Built to transform lives

Our team has worked tirelessly for over a decade to reimagine accessibility for
the blind. We are simply unwilling to let vision loss define how you see the world.

That is why we created the most advanced electronic glasses in existence.

Revolutionary technology that leaves you with zero words. And unlimited possibility.

We have created a seemingly impossible technology in order to help the visually impaired see the world, and change it too. eSight is a medical breakthrough that restores functional sight, and allows the visually impaired to see the faces of loved ones, read, work, study, and participate in virtually any Activity of Daily Living

The doctor-recommended option, when you feel like you're out of options.

We know just how devastating vision loss is. It's why we've spent years working with with the world's leading eye-doctors to pioneer eSight's vision-restoring technology, and it's why we are now the largest lab in the world dedicated to resolving blindness through wearable technology.

Our technology

An investment that returns you sight.

“Purchasing eSight is the best decision I have ever made. It saves me money, and it saved my life”. Customers continue to share such inspiring feedback with us, and it's because eSight was designed to eliminate many costs associated with vision loss.

After getting eSight, our customers often:

Loved by the visually impaired. Backed by doctors.

“As someone who has devoted their entire career to ophthalmology, I have witnessed first hand just how how complex vision loss is to treat. Thanks to eSight's breakthrough technology, we can Make Blindness History. This clinically-validated device has had a revolutionary impact on the lives of my visually impaired patients; it enables unprecedented visual clarity, and true mobility and independence.”
Dr. Robert Devenyi, Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief and Director of Retinal Services, The University Health Network

Hear from Dr. Devenyi

See for yourself. Whenever, wherever.

It’s one thing for us to tell you how life-changing eSight is. But it’s another for you or your loved one to put on eSight, and see, clearly. Our technology is available for you to try at an eSight Hub in your neighborhood, or a virtual demonstration in the comfort of your own home

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“I saw my baby for the first time”

Nothing prepared me for when I put eSight on in the delivery room and saw my baby for the very first time. It was one of those moments I will never be able to forget.

Kathy B.
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“I can finally study like my sighted peers"

As a student, eSight has been a game changer for me! I can read off the whiteboard and share lecture notes with my classmates. Words cannot describe how much more confident I feel at school.

Nikki F.
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“I can work to my fullest potential”

eSight does so much more than just enhance my vision; it gives me unprecedented mobility and independence on the job. I now feel like my work reflects my truest potential.

Scott R.
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