Alabama Ability Loans Program

The Ability Loan Program is a partnership between STAR and the Southern Disability Foundation, Inc. The program is an Alternative Financing Program for individuals with disabilities and their families to borrow money at a low-interest or extended-terms for the purchase of assistive technology, adaptive equipment and related services.


Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Assistive Technology Program

The Assistive Technology Program may help locate, partially fund, or provide full funding for one of a wide range of devices. These allow those with MS to function more independently in their daily lives, as well as more easily participate in recreational, educational, and vocational activities.

GiveTech was established to identify individuals whose disabilities leave them physically unable to use a computer through normal means (e.g. mouse and/or keyboard) but who remain lucid, who lack the financial ability to purchase the necessary computer input technology to allow them to use a computer, whose lives would be greatly improved by the ability to use a computer.

Association of Blind Citizens Assistive Technology Fund

Association of Blind Citizens will provide funds to cover 50% of the retail price of adaptive devices or software. The ABC board of directors believes that this program will allow blind and visually impaired individuals access to technology products that will have a significant impact on improving employment opportunities, increase the level of independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

The Elsie Bellows Fund

The Elsie Bellows Fund provides grants for purchasing equipment that increases, maintains or improves the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.


T.A.S.C. (Technology Assistance for Special Consumers)

T.A.S.C. collaborates with STAR to provide free online and onsite AT Training in community settings, AT demonstration and loan, and AT resources statewide for consumers, families, caregivers, and related professionals.

Statewide Technology Access & Response (STAR) Program

STAR assists individuals with disabilities in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device. Provides short-term loans of assistive technology to persons with disabilities who wish to try out different types of devices. Provides equipment loans to rehabilitation professionals so they can better assess and evaluate persons with disabilities using technology.