Loan Guarantee Program

A low interest loan that is available to parents of children who have a disability who are still living at home and adults with a disability.

FreedomTech Loan

Provides Californians with affordable financial loans to purchase needed assistive technology.


Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Assistive Technology Program

The Assistive Technology Program may help locate, partially fund, or provide full funding for one of a wide range of devices. These allow those with MS to function more independently in their daily lives, as well as more easily participate in recreational, educational, and vocational activities.

GiveTech was established to identify individuals whose disabilities leave them physically unable to use a computer through normal means (e.g. mouse and/or keyboard) but who remain lucid, who lack the financial ability to purchase the necessary computer input technology to allow them to use a computer, whose lives would be greatly improved by the ability to use a computer.

Association of Blind Citizens Assistive Technology Fund

Association of Blind Citizens will provide funds to cover 50% of the retail price of adaptive devices or software. The ABC board of directors believes that this program will allow blind and visually impaired individuals access to technology products that will have a significant impact on improving employment opportunities, increase the level of independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

Rest Haven Children's Help Fund

Rest Haven provides funds for health related services for children in San Diego and Imperial counties when no other funds are available. To fulfill this mission Rest Haven Children’s Health Fund provides one time or short term funding for health related needs for individual children who meet our eligibility requirements. Funds are also provided to assist health care development and to purchase needed services.

High Fives Foundation Empowerment Fund

The High Fives empowerment fund provides resources and inspiration to those who suffer a life-altering injury. life-altering injuries are injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputation or other mobility-limiting injuries that occurred in an athlete’s lifetime. The resources and inspiration we provide come in the form of board-approved grant funding paid to service providers in nine funding categories: living expenses, insurance, health, travel, high fives healing network, adaptive equipment, winter equipment, and “stoke” (positive energy, outlook, attitude).


Ability Tools

Ability Tools provide a variety of services for Californians with disabilities of all ages. Services include: AT Exchange marketplace, Device Lending Libraries, Financial loan program for AT, Information & Referral, Reuse program in affiliation with organizational partners,