Light on weight. Heavy on magic.

eSight is the world's most cutting-edge technology that restores sight.

Put them on. And actually see.

eSight is worn like a normal pair of glasses. It houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything you are looking at, and then displays it on two near-to-eye displays.

Advanced, medically-validated algorithms optimize and enhance the footage so that your eyes can truly see it, and in real-time.

eSight's ability to tilt up and down allows you to always have access to your native peripheral vision. This enables true mobility.

Hear from Dr. Devenyi, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief
Instant sight icon

See Instantly

View the world around you, effortlessly.

Hand-free icon

Be Hands-Free

Seize the freedom to be active and do more of the things you love.

Mobility icon

Be Safe and Mobile

Move freely, with seamless access to peripheral vision.

A whole new world to see.

View life in stunning clarity.

Focus on the things you love, whether you are reading the newspaper, watching TV, looking at loved ones' faces, or doing whatever else your heart desires.

Watch, and learn.

For the student in all of us.

Industry-leading 24x zoom, so that you can see the whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom, and take photos right from your device to view later.

Content. That you can now watch.

Streamed in front of your eyes.

eSight lets you to stream content directly to the screens in front of your eyes.