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Get ready to try eSight, revolutionary glasses that allow the legally blind to actually see.

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eSight is a clinically validated, wearable device that allows the legally blind to see, be mobile and engage in virtually all Activities of Daily Living.
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What is An 'eSight Experience'?

It's an opportunity to try eSight for yourself, meet actual wearers, and learn everything about what your life will be like with this technology. It takes place at an eSight Hub, and is completely tailored to you.

Why is eSight Life-Changing?

eSight is the only clinically-validated device, in existence, that enables individuals living with vision loss to actually see, be mobile, and engage in virtually any activity of daily living. Experience eSight today. See tomorrow.

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I've been a low vision optometrist for the past 8 years. My passion is helping people with impaired vision lead full, active, and independent lives. I'm excited to introduce you to eSight so you can explore its potential for expanding your opportunities and quality of life.

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