Enabling Legally Blind Employees To Actually See

eSight is a versatile tool for legally blind staff in any workplace or industry

eSight In The Workplace

Many individuals with vision loss cannot fully
participate in the workplace, on a level playing field.

Their careers may be forced into premature retirement, hurting their quality of life and depriving their employer of a valuable contributor, simply because standard approaches to accommodating low-vision do not succeed in making the individual successful. eSight gives workers sight, allowing them to thrive in their workplace.

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What Legally Blind Employees Say About eSight

I use it at work; I am on the computer all day and with eSight and I can easily type and read articles and emails, review resumes or do research online. I can be online and maneuver easily through different websites. eSight has been a life changer, and I must say, it has  had a huge impact on my career.
In addition to taking care of my family, I work full-time, independently doing all the things most people take for granted – commuting on
a train, flying on planes, attending conferences, leading meetings, giving
speeches and doing media interviews. I no longer receive disability payments. Instead, I proudly pay taxes.
I lost my vision suddenly at age 29, and then I discovered eSight. I
use eSight every single day both at work and at home. I can use any computer, tablet or smartphone in the office and am able to read facial expressions in the workplace. The more I use eSight the more I discover things I able to do.

eSight: a socially and economically beneficial solution

Providing eSight can help an organization realize an untapped well of potential while empowering and engaging staff across the entire workplace. Individuals using eSight at work describe themselves as more productive, engaged and motivated, which typically affects their colleagues too. Great practices in accommodation lead to more engaged teams around the individual with vision loss and can increase the reputation of the employer. For less than the cost of the packages of tools that are often provided, eSight can include an individual with vision loss in their workplace with privacy, dignity, and effectiveness.
  • Productivity
    Employees have reported major increases in productivity using a tool like eSight. It helps them complete a variety of tasks while maintaining independence and mobility
  • Financial Savings
    For a relatively insignificant cost, eSight will
    actually give an employee sight, and it does not require a major investment in a combination of other assistive devices
  • Satisfaction
    eSight allows you to empower your visually impaired workforce with a tool that will help them succeed and thrive, regardless of the task or workplace environment
  • Mission
    In commitment to your mission of inclusion and accessibility, eSight is unparalleled in allowing legally blind employees to participate fully in their workplace

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