3 Tech Giants Making Low Vision Technology More Accessible

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February 04, 2020

These three major brands are leading the way for workplace inclusion and making low vision technology more accessible. 

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Dell Technologies: Moving humanity through low vision technology

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Technologies, is famously quoted as saying “Technology must reflect our humanity.”  The company continues to live by those words.

The organization chooses strategic partners like eSight and EVAS to provide low vision technology for their employees and the local community.  Dell’s investment and appreciation in their employees bodes well as employees proudly post their admiration for their employer using the hashtag #IWork4Dell, garnering more than 20,000 posts.

In fact, Dell Technologies invited 20 legally blind people from their home-town of Austin, to watch the Nutcracker for the first time using eSight.


Microsoft: Thoughtful touches to empower employees

Many are familiar with Microsoft’s Office 365 software that enables accessibility settings like colour contrast, keyboard shortcuts, zoom functions, built-in screen readers and speak to listen for selected text. Not as many are aware of their strict policies to make workplace inclusion a priority, like a clearly defined checklist for internal meetings.

Microsoft takes accessibility one-step further by building gaming controllers with thoughtful features so individuals living with limited mobility can use them; or partnering with Code Jumper, a tech company that helps students with visual impairments learn to code.

They also partner with organizations like eSight to execute public programs like the “Accessibility Tech Day.”  Held in Tampa, Florida, the event provided free education on low vision technology and accessibility offerings.

TELUS: Tech for good

TELUS’s Tech for Good Program enable easy access to assistive technology and software for their clients living with disabilities.

They also partner with organizations like eSight to offer demonstrations of new technologies in-store.  This allows people to try eSight for free.

eSight representative teaches little girl who to use eSight's low vision technology

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