Photo of eSight 3 Electronic Glasses
The most sophisticated breakthrough in electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see

eSight 3 sets the gold standard for the most
sophisticated low vision glasses of its kind anywhere in the world, enabling the legally blind to actually see, be mobile and independently carry out virtually all Activities of Daily Living.

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A Revolution in Sight

eSight 3 is a versatile, wearable, hands-free solution that provides sight without the need
for any surgery.

It is a game-changing breakthrough that uses advanced technology, built upon many years of research and development, to replicate sight for an individual who is
legally blind or living with low vision.

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Photo of eSight 3 electronic glasses

Enables Virtually All Activities of Daily Living

Clinical Support

eSight is a breakthrough, customized medical device with clinical evidence to prove it.

eSight is the largest and most funded R&D center, anywhere in the world, dedicated to technology for blindness. eSight is a Class-I medical device registered with the FDA and EUDAMED and inspected by Health Canada, and is currently the subject of a major clinical trial. 

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