eSight Go – The most advanced vision enhancement solution

Coming June 2024

Our innovative wearable assistive device or electronic glasses can help people with significant central vision loss and legal blindness achieve up to 20/20 enhanced vision. eSight Go glasses are lightweight, sleek, and comfortable, seamlessly moving with you from indoor, routine activities to outdoor, physical environments. A small, high-speed, high-definition camera captures everything you are looking at. Our advanced, clinically validated algorithms optimize and enhance the footage. It is then presented on two OLED monitors, one in front of each eye, in real time. Your brain synthesizes the images, and you see with clarity what is in front of you.

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Thoughtfully crafted to move seamlessly through the day, from reading to activities indoors and out

  • Wireless and hands-free device with built-in controls
  • Incorporates natural peripheral vision for 100% mobility retention
  • The lightweight design allows for the glasses to be worn throughout your day
  • Innovative easy-swap rechargeable batteries: each with up to 3 hours of continuous use


  • Sleek design has the appearance of sunglasses
  • Ergonomic neck battery pack ensures hours of continuous use
  • Optional prescription lenses optimize vision enhancement if required
  • Best-match camera and lens technology projects a superior image onto 2 high resolutions screens (one per eye) for full binocular vision
  • Advanced sensors, proprietary algorithms, and powerful processing provide the brain with highest quality visual information
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What’s Included

Technical Specifications:

Low Vision Device Specifications

The eSight Go specifications have not been finalized.

Display Specifications

The eSight Go specifications have not been finalized.

Connectivity and Controls

The eSight Go specifications have not been finalized.

Interested in Priority Access to eSight Go?

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Experience The Ease Of eSight® TeleHealth

If you’re a Health Care professional, our eSight® TeleHealth program will allow your patients to experience the eSight® wearable device.

TeleHealth is proven to significantly improve patient quality of life through multiple peer-reviewed randomized controlled trials (RCT).

The feasibility RCT demonstrated:

  • High accessibility with 93% of patients accessing the platform
  • Only 14% requiring assistance from friends or family
  • Minor technical issues with no cause for withdrawal
  • Global acceptability with 100% overall satisfaction reported