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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does eSight work for?

eSight is effective for the large majority of people with central vision loss. Some remaining retinal function is required. A typical eSight wearer has visual acuity between 20/60 and 20/800, although some have visual acuity of 20/1400. eSight wearers typically live with more than 20 different eye conditions.

What eye conditions does eSight work for?

eSight users have over 20 different eye conditions and most commonly live:

  • Cone Rod Dystrophy
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Macular Dystrophy
  • Keratoconus
  • Ocular Albinism
  • Optic Atrophy
  • Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
  • Optic Neuropathy
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity

Since each individual condition is unique, we recommend connecting with an eSight specialist to learn if eSight can work for you. To get started, complete the try eSight form or calling 1.855.837.4448 to speak to an eSight Advisor today. 

What do people do with eSight?

eSight enables a full range of daily living activities. Individuals with low vision use it for everything from watching television and playing cards to studying and working full time. The safe and mobile independence it offers in activities such as shopping, travel and improved socializing with family and friends also contributes to making eSight a part of everyday life for the vast majority of eSight wearers.

What can people with low vision or legal blindness who use eSight see?

eSight wearers see most things that normally sighted people see, such as:

  • People’s faces, from up close and afar
  • Newspapers, books, menus, signs, and other reading material, from any distance
  • Computers and other work-related tools
  • TV, movies, and other entertainment
  • Concerts, plays and other live events
  • And so much more

eSight can autofocus on short, medium and long-range objects and includes features such as 24X zoom, image contrast enhancement, reverse colour display and more allowing users to go beyond the immediate enhanced vision provided and take control of what they see.

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What would someone with low vision or legal blindness typically see?

What someone with low vision sees is highly dependent on the person and their eye condition. Typically our users describe seeing shapes, light, figures all without detail. Without eSight, they would need to be within inches of something to be able to make out details, or to view something out of their peripheral vision instead of looking straight at it.

How can someone try eSight for themselves?

We strongly encourage any potential eSight user to undertake an eSight Evaluation before moving forward with purchasing. In person evaluations are available through local eSight distributors. eSight offers evaluations in the comfort of home with a guided experience from an eSight coach, who is often an eSight user themselves. 

How does eSight work?

A wearable device, eSight houses a high-speed, high definition camera that captures everything the wearer is looking at.

Advanced, clinically-validated algorithms optimize and enhance the footage. The footage is then presented on two near-to-eye screens in real time with stunning clarity. The built-in trackpad allows the user to refine the image further through a full suite of zoom, contrast and focus controls.

eSight’s streamlined device allows the wearer to benefit from their natural peripheral vision and includes a patented Bioptic Tilt (eSight4 only) offering three positions (up, midway and down). The wearer tilts down for maximum enhanced vision and tilts up to connect with people face to face or for 100% access to their remaining natural vision when navigating new places.

Is eSight clinically validated and supported by the medical community?

“The Effect of a Head-Mounted Low Vision Device on Visual Function,” also known as “The eQUEST study was completed in collaboration with researchers at six different low vision research and rehabilitation centers. The study showed that eSight’s low vision aid was able to improve distance acuity, reading performance, contrast sensitivity, facial recognition and ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).

The study also demonstrated significant improvement when using the low vision aid including:

  • a seven-line gain in distance acuity
  • 100% mobility retention
  • 12 letter contrast improvement

Additionally, there is a major cohort of doctors – from optometrists to ophthalmologists and retinal specialists – that continue to recommend eSight to their low vision patients.

Most doctors who have evaluated eSight have said that this clinically-validated device has had a revolutionary impact on the lives of their visually impaired patients, and has enabled them to see with unprecedented visual clarity, along with granting them true mobility and independence in their everyday lives.

Is eSight FDA approved?

eSight is inspected and registered by public health officials. It is a Class 1 Medical Device

  • Registered with the FDA
  • Registered with EUDAMED
  • Inspected by Health Canada
What's included with the purchase of eSight 4?

In addition to the eSight head mounted device, your purchase includes two rechargeable batteries, a USB cable and power adapter, Quick Start Guide and User Guide all packaged in an eSight carrying case. You also receive a best-in-class 1 year Warranty and access to lifetime software upgrades. Best of all? Your eSight comes with 5 hours of personalized, 1:1 coaching sessions facilitated by eSight coaches who are also eSight wearers committed to helping you get the most out of your eSight.

We also offer financing options, extended warranties, incident protection, additional coaching, and an array of accessories. Find out more by speaking to an eSight Advisor at 1.855.837.4448.

    What's coaching at eSight?

    When you purchase a new eSight device you get paired up with one of our certified coaches who will help you discover some amazing things about your new eSight enhanced vision device. Our focus will be to walk you through the specific areas of interest. Designed to set you up for success, throughout the curriculum you will get answers to your questions and discuss your requirements. Your coach will be at your side throughout your time with eSight. 

    All eSight coaches are also eSight users.

    Can eSight help with light sensitivity?

    eSight lets you adjust both the brightness and contrast of the screens which means it is well-suited for people with light sensitivity. Conversely, the same ability can also help with night vision. An optional, customized sun baffle accessory is also available to assist people whose visual impairment includes sensitivity to light.

    Does eSight work with my smartphone?

    Yes, with the eSight mobile app for Android® or Apple®, you can manage your preferences, use your smartphone as a eRemote to control your vision, and take advantage of advanced features, including: 

    • Easily save photos and videos taken with your eSight to your phone and share them with others. 
    • Watching video streaming on your smartphone directly on your eSight with eCast.
    • Viewing your phone screen directly on your eSight, with the ability to freeze, zoom, focus, and more with eMirror. 
    • Invite your loved ones to see what you see and help you customize your eSight experience.
    What is best-match technology?

    When it comes to visual acuity, no one specification can be used to assess the effectiveness of a device in delivering enhanced vision. The highest end camera paired with a mismatched screen will degrade the quality of information sent to the brain. The power is in the fit between the camera and the lenses, the on-screen pixel density of the projected image, and the effectiveness of the software.

    With the freedom of choice that comes when creating a solution composed of both proprietary and hardware, the eSight team invested heavily in research to bring best-matched camera and lens technology backed by advanced software capabilities. The result? eSight 4 is the new standard for enhanced vision technology.

      Is it covered by insurance?

      The eSight team continues to advocate with private insurance companies, government bodies and employee benefit programs to make eSight more attainable for all. 

      In the USA, Veteran Affairs provides eSight with 100% coverage. eSight qualifies for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status through our partnership with Marathon Medical.

      eSight offers financing plans for US residents through our partnership with Choice Financial – payments are as low as US$199/month OAC.

      Find out more by speaking to an eSight Advisor at 1.855.837.4448.

      How long is the battery life?

      The standard eSight 4 battery provides for up to three hours of continuous use. eSight 4 comes with two rechargeable, magnetic batteries that can be easily swapped in seconds for all-day use. Additional batteries can be purchased separately.

      How is eSight 4 different from eSight 3?

      eSight 4 takes visual acuity, mobility, comfort and ease of use to a new level and introduces new connected entertainment and cloud-based community benefits. 

      Best Visual Acuity made possible by: 

      • More powerful software capabilities including faster processing, improved auto-focus applauded by early wearers, and 2x the maximum brightness. 
      • Best-match camera and lens technology: the 18MP camera was carefully tested to ensure optimal fit and utilize the full liquid lenses for maximum information to be sent to the brain.  
      • Two 1280×960 crystal clear high-resolution screens, one for each eye, for binocular vision.
      • Comfortably fits over most prescription glasses with no need for custom orders. 
      • In addition to adjustable pupillary distance, with eSight 4, wearers can adjust the position of the screen closer or further away from their eyes for the ideal view.

      Superior Mobility: 

      • eSight 4 provides a wireless, hands-free experience with a built-in touchpad that offers full zoom, contrast and colour control. Put eSight 4 on and you’re ready to go.
      • Easily change the magnetic battery in seconds. eSight comes with two rechargeable batteries, each providing up to 3 hours continuous use. 

      All-day Comfort: 

      • eSight 4 maintains the sleek form factor of eSight 3 while adding a new halo comfort band that easily adjusts to provide the perfect fit. 
      • The halo comfort band is lined with a soft fabric that feels good on the skin and most importantly, ensures optimal weight distribution for hours of carefree wearing. 

      Easy to Use: 

      • Start and return anytime to the onboard, narrated, high contrast help videos.
      • Graduated learning allows you to learn more advanced features when you’re ready. 
      • The new eSupport feature lets eSight Support see what you see making helping with issues easy. 

      Cloud-based with new eSight mobile apps for Android® and Apple®: 

      • Take pictures and videos with your eSight 4 and share them with your Smartphone. 
      • View and control your smartphone screen right on your eSight 4 display. 
      • Watch video streaming on your smartphone on your eSight.   
      • Invite loved ones to share your account so they can see what you see and help you personalize your eSight experience. 
      • Enjoy instant access to the latest features with automatic updates.  
      • Control your eSight using the built-in controls, remote, Web account, or mobile apps.