Low Vision Student Creates Emergency Masks and Ventilators for Local Hospital

April 9, 2020

The 22-year-old Information Technology student uses eSight to print hospital equipment during COVID-19

Jesse Johnson is a 22-year-old Bloomsburg University student studying information technology and management. He also volunteers at the school’s 3D printing program creating prosthetic limbs for people around the world. In fact, his first job was creating prosthetic fingers for a 7-year-old boy.  

In the midst of COVID-19, Jesse is now shifting focus and using his 3D printing skills to create emergency masks and ventilators for his local hospital, the Geisinger Medical Center.

eSight Eyewear user is creating 3D masks during COVID-19. #eSightTogether

News Feature: Jesse Johnson’s inspiring story of using eSight to make 3-D printed PPE was shared by ABC affiliates. Learn more about Jesse’s story as covered on TV.

Jesse lives with low vision

This is no easy feat, especially because Jesse lives with low vision caused by Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP), a rare eye condition that affects premature babies. While surgery prevented Jesse from complete blindness, he still has problems with his near-sightedness, often requiring him to hold text two inches from his eyes in order to make out the font. 

Pictured is Jesse Johnson, eSight Eyewear user wearing his eSight 3.

Jesse is supported by his low vision technology, eSight Eyewear. The medical device enhances Jesse’s vision, as well as enables him to magnify while he works on his 3D printing projects, enabling him to see the small parts that can be tricky to both handle and see. The magnification feature even allows Jesse to see even the smallest parts difficult for people with strong vision. Jesse even boasts “I can see best out of everyone in my group.” 

I am more than blessed to be using your medical device to print other medical devices! Very cool!

Jesse has been using eSight Eyewear for more than four years. Read about his earlier days with the device. A science fiction fantasy becomes life-changing reality.