5 facts about veterans living with low vision

October 10, 2019
5 Facts About Veterans Living with Low Vision


5 Facts About Veterans Living with Low Vision

  1. 130,000 U.S.Veterans are Legally Blind
    U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimates there are 130,000 veterans living in the United States who are legally blind. Legally blind is classified as 20/200 or less visual acuity, or a visual field of less than 20 degrees.
  2. One million living with low vision
    An additional 1 million veterans in the U.S. are living with low vision. Low vision is classified by the loss of ability to perform daily activities.
  3. VA’s first low vision facility started in 1947
    The VA’s first mobility and orientation rehabilitation training for people living with visual impairments started in 1947.
  4. 70+ locations available for veterans
    The Department of Veteran Affairs provides more than 70 rehabilitation locations across the country serving different levels of vision loss.
  5. How to get support
    eSight 3 is on the approved U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).Contact your local VA or vetera[email protected] to learn if eSight could be a fit for you. 

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