Inspiring Important Conversations on World Sight Day

General Low Vision News
October 13, 2020

On the second Thursday of October is World Sight Day, an annual day of awareness, that focuses global attention on the issues surrounding visual impairment and blindness. Each year the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness chooses a different theme to support the initiative, the theme this year was Hope In Sight

In honour of this day and the theme, eSight held a webinar featuring our Chief Commercial Officer, Brian McCollum, the Director of Research at the American Foundation for the Blind, Dr L. Penny Rosenblum, and Gary Foster, a long-time eSight user living with macular degeneration. The webinar highlighted the challenges faced by millions of Americans living with low vision and blindness as well as how eSight can bring hope to many of these people. 

The session was delivered to members of the media and designed to encourage them to shed light on the challenges and abilities of the low vision and legally blind community on #WorldSightDay. That said, the session is an excellent resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of vision loss and an opportunity for them to go one step further: to share it with others and help create a world more inclusive of individuals with partial sight. 

More often than not, sighted people have a very limited understanding of what it means to be partially sighted. Living with low vision creates many challenges, but it is amazing how individuals with visual impairments can find creative ways to do things that may seem impossible to a sighted person. eSight has made it possible for thousands of people to lead exceptional lives, helping them get back to work, advance at school and in their career or do the daily activities that sighted people take for granted, truly creating #HopeInSight through technology. Thank you to Healio, Breton Communication, Eyecare Business Magazine and all other members of the media that attended the webinar as well as shared the news to help us spread the message of #HopeInSight 

Watch the webinar to learn about how we can make our world more accessible for the low vision community as well as how eSight works to allow its users See New Possibilities.

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