How eSight® Corp Is Contributing To The Future Of Assistive Technology

Media Coverage
July 07, 2023

eSight® Corp was recently featured in an article “The future of assistive technology” by AT Today. In the article, the CEO of eSight® Corporation, Aaron Tutwiler, discusses what the future of assistive technology will entail. 

Tutwiler touches on the massive growth of advanced AI healthcare technology, the reasons why companies that make assistive technology will work more closely with doctors to improve outcomes, and the significance of user feedback in the design of assistive technology.

Why is Telehealth the Next Step Forward?

2020 saw the growing acceptance of telehealth platforms, demonstrating to patients and users across the globe that connections can be made no matter where they are. 

There is still more effort to be done to improve communication between patients, their physicians, and the assistive technology companies like eSight® Corporation that support them, even if virtual meetings have increasingly become a crucial component for many medical professionals and their patients.

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The team at eSight® Corp has discovered that building a comprehensive support network is the only approach to improve the user experience. The objective of accessible technology is to provide patients with the best experience possible, whether through medical resources, consumer goods, or technology in general.

The experience for people seeking assistance is improved and made more comprehensive by investing time and effort into open collaboration with medical researchers and specialists and by providing a variety of options for virtual, in-person, and hybrid touchpoints with eSight® users.

Perfecting the eSight® Assistive Technology

eSight® Corp has strongly relied on user feedback as the company created eSight Go™, a more ergonomic and advanced medical wearable.

eSight® Corp has tested the fit, mobility, and weight distribution of the low-vision device at every stage of development since the introduction of the initial version in 2013. eSight® Corp has designed the best version of this amazing wearable technology that people with limited vision can use effortlessly throughout the day with the help of user input.

With the addition of a redesigned battery pack that fits easily around the wearer’s neck, eSight Go™ dramatically lightens in weight. The new, lighter eSight Go™ variant is intended to be more comfortable to use during the day.

The eSight Go™ is significantly lighter at just 170 grams when compared to the current generation, the eSight 4™, which weighs 560 grams. One can move about more easily when wearing a nose and ear frame that is substantially lighter. 

Along with a better image and less motion blur caused by user movements when utilizing higher magnification settings, eSight Go™ also has an upgraded image stabilization module.

eSight® Corp is still working to optimize the new software and planning to launch eSight Go™ in Q4 of 2023. To get new updates about our upcoming eSight Go™, join our exclusive waiting list on the eSight Go page

Finally, if you or your loved one wants to try eSight® tech and go through the easy screening process, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight® devices.