The Next-Gen eSight® Technology – An Interview With Optometry Today

Media Coverage
July 07, 2023

Aaron Tutwiler, the CEO of eSight® Corp, was recently interviewed by Optometry Today in an article “eSight prepares to release next generation of its technology”. Continue reading below.

The Next-Gen eSight® Technology – An Interviewed With Optometry Today

Tutwiler told OT that eSight® Corp has advanced to the fifth generation of its technology, with the launch of its new product, eSight Go™, anticipated for later in the year. To supplement what a patient’s natural eyesight can offer, eSight® Corp has created a new wearable device that places a high-definition camera and screens in front of their eyes.

Speaking to OT, Tutwiler provided background on the creation of the product and stated: “One of the design goals for eSight Go™ was to create a device that was more aesthetically pleasing, something that more naturally integrated into the consumer landscape, and that didn’t look like a medical device, and I think we have achieved that.” 

Another objective of the business was to lower manufacturing costs associated with the technology to the point where it could pass on savings to the customer and increase accessibility. Tutwiler also added that eSight Go™ is going to be the most affordable device that eSight® Corp has ever placed into the market. 

eSight® Tech for the Low-Vision Community

The newest version of electronic glasses – eSight Go™, makes it even simpler for those with central vision loss to carry out their daily responsibilities, interact with their loved ones more freely, and travel to their favorite places without much support.

Although the eSight® technology can’t be used by everyone, with the correct screening process, eSight® has seen an excellent success rate. Potential users can use the Free Consultation service by eSight® Eyewear to check if they’re the right fit for the eSight® device. 

All anyone needs to be functional with the eSight® glasses is an hour of training since the user interface is easy to use. Moreover, the Coaching Team by eSight® Eyewear is available to help the patients with any help or queries they might have.

eSight® Corporation is working to optimize the new software and planning to launch eSight Go™ in Q4 of 2023. To get new updates about our upcoming eSight Go™, join our exclusive waiting list on the eSight Go page

Finally, if you or your loved one wants to try eSight and go through the easy screening process, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight.