eSight Enables Stay-at-home Dad to See His Children’s Faces Clearly – Wall Street Journal

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April 13, 2023

With the revolution of assistive and wearable technology in the last decade, many industry-leading innovators including eSight have been able to produce more subtle and useful technologies to help those with disabilities.

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eSight at CES 2023

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, eSight unveiled its latest wearable technology, eSight Go – the most advanced vision enhancement solution for people with central vision loss

With its enhanced visual clarity, lightweight design, and wide field of view, eSight Go raises the bar for enhanced vision technology and aids people with central vision loss in regaining their independence in daily life.

A Story by Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal covered the release of eSight Go at CES 2023 in this article. The article highlights the story of Cosmo Moore, a 39-year-old stay-at-home father, who has a genetic visual impairment that cannot be treated with regular glasses.

Before Cosmo tried eSight, he used to lean down till he could see his children’s noses roughly a foot away. To read the text on his iPhone, he had to hold it an inch from his face in order to read the content in the phone.

The article later explains how Cosmo was able to join eSight as an eSight Coach.

Cosmo has Optic Atrophy and before using eSight, his vision acuity was 20/400. eSight has helped him become even more independent and correcting his vision acuity to 20/40. 

eSight has helped Cosmo with reading, doing basic tasks, and practically anything else for which he previously would have needed a magnifying lens. 

eSight offers the most innovative eyewear for people with macular degeneration and many other disorders that cause visual loss. With the use of eSight glasses, those with severe central vision issues or even those who are legally blind can attain improved vision of up to 20/20. 

If you or your loved one wants to try eSight, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight.