How eSight helped Cosmo Moore get in the game

July 14, 2019

Cosmo Moore has always been what he calls a “high-functioning blind person.” Though he has had optic atrophy since birth, he’s led a relatively independent life. He even coaches football.

When his eye doctor told him about eSight, he was intrigued. Cosmo found it effective in the clinic, but he wanted to test it out where it mattered most: the football field.

Cosmo Moore wearing his eSight 4 at a sports game.

“When I used it for the first time, I was able to stand on the sideline and see kids practising on the opposite sideline, which is about 115 yards away. That made up my mind. eSight was definitely worth it.”

Cosmo’s vision is normally 20/400; with eSight it’s 20/40. That means he can use it for reading, and just about anything he once would have needed a magnifying glass for.

Beyond the practical benefits, eSight has given Cosmo confidence. “With low vision, eye contact is often very stressful since you can’t see the other person’s eyes. Having the headset (eSight eyewear) on lets me see other people’s eyes, which helps me relax. It also helps me see facial cues, which I’d never been able to make out before, so that’s really wonderful.”

Although Cosmo has always been self-sufficient, eSight has helped him become even more independent. Shortly after getting his eSight glasses, he took his wife and son to the zoo. After losing them briefly, he was able to find his way back to them because he could see them fifty yards in the distance. “It took away my anxiety over getting separated, and that was a very liberating feeling.”

Cosmo has a background in education with a degree in child development.This led him to join eSight as a coach in early 2018. He now helps other users learn how to get the most out of their devices. His main message to people who are curious: it’s nowhere near as intimidating as you might think. “My youngest client is five, and my oldest client in ninety-three,” Cosmo says with a chuckle. “It really is a pretty spectacular piece of technology.”