Veterans Affairs Makes eSight 4™ More Available – The Pantagraph

Media Coverage
August 02, 2023

eSight® Corporation was featured in an article “Veterans Corner: Vision-enhancing eyewear; VA health care eligibility; retirement of unserviceable flags” by The Pantagraph. 

eSight 4™ Is Available for the Veterans

​​In the US, there are 130,000 veterans who are legally blind and one million who have impaired vision. Good news is that some low-vision veterans can benefit from Veterans Affairs that provides vision-improving eyewear, eSight 4, that uses a camera to improve their vision. 

This vision-enhancing device employs high-speed cameras to enlarge what they collect, making the world more clear for some people with limited vision. The technology is an FDA-registered Class 1 medical device.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule now includes eSight 4™ devices, which should drastically reduce the time required for clearance. The time between the decision that a veteran will benefit from an eSight 4™ device and the time the device is supplied will be shortened thanks to new national contracts with eSight® Corporation.

eSight® TeleHealth For Veterans

eSight® TeleHealth for Veterans is a remote evaluation program that will allow the referred patients to experience the eSight wearable device. 

The partnership between eSight® Corporation and Marathon Medical Corporation, a SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) certified distributor to veteran medical facilities across the United States, offers eSight 4™ assistive eyewear medical devices to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) national healthcare system.

In addition, this partnership also streamlines the purchasing & contract process and provides enhanced product choices for VA healthcare professionals. Learn more about eSight® TeleHealth for Veterans.

How Does The eSight® TeleHealth Work? 

After a referral from the VA, referred Veterans will be connected to an eSight® Specialist who will discuss how the device may help them and assess their candidacy. 

If they are a good candidate, they can try eSight 4 free of charge, in the comfort of their own home. The next steps include: 

  • Booking them an appointment for a TeleHealth evaluation session in their home with an eSight® Specialist. 
  • Shipping an eSight 4™ device directly to patients for their TeleHealth session. 
  • After personalized coaching and training, patients will have three days to test out this device and experience the positive impacts and improvements in quality of life it provides. 
  • At the end of the trial, an eSight® member will contact the patients for their feedback and experience.

If you or your loved one wants to try eSight® technology and go through the easy screening process, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight® devices.