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“Since discovering eSight in 2013, I was able to thrive in my final years of corporate work with before my retirement." - Hugh

"Stargardts took everything from my mom, but with these eSight glasses, she’s slowly getting it back and this is the first time in awhile that she’s read a menu from this far away. ” - Crystal

"These are more than glasses, it’s a complete, life-altering system - and these folks support you in every way.” - Amber

What is Stargardt Disease?

Stargardt disease is a genetic eye disorder that causes vision loss in children and young adults. Stargardt disease is inherited, meaning it is passed to children from their parents. Stargardt disease affects the macula, a small area near the center of the retina. Individuals living with stargardt disease typically have blurry or dark areas in their central vision, making it difficult to read, write, work and recognize faces.

Many eSight Wearers Live With Stargardt Disease

eSight is a revolutionary pair of electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see. eSight can improve the functional vision of those living with a variety of conditions, including stargardt disease. eSight is the only clinically validated device that enables those living with vision loss to see, be mobile, and engage in virtually any Activity of Daily Living.

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“You won’t be prepared for what you can see with eSight. The changes it’s made in my life are simply incredible. I’m fully functional in my woodshop again!” - Gary

“These are amazing glasses. For the first time In over 11 years I saw 20/20 reading and about 12 ft away.” - Susanne

“My mom got to see 20/20 in these new esight glasses! She actually could see across the room, she was even able to read the bottom row!! (Yes) bottom ROW...” - Ashley

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