Blind Radio Host Shane Timson Uses eSight to Help Him at Work

August 26, 2020

Shane Timson, Blind Radio Host

Shane Timson is 41 years old, and lives with Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP) and cerebral palsy. He is a radio host that works at three different radio stations, and is passionate about music and concerts. He uses eSight because it makes it easier for him to work.

Trying eSight for the First Time

Back when eSight still had demonstration hubs, Shane took a weekend trip to his nearest hub to try on the eSight.

Birds-eye view of a parking lot, visual depiction of what blind radio host Shane saw when he looked out the window with eSight on

“I was blown away when I looked out from the 11th floor, and I could see the cars outside and tell you exactly what kind of cars they were.”

Without eSight, all he could make out was the colour of the cars. 

He even took the device to his eye doctor to double check the visual improvement. The doctor confirmed that without eSight, Shane had 20/200 visual acuity in his right eye and no vision at all in his left eye. With eSight, he can see 20/80 in his right eye.

Purchasing eSight

He fundraised for eSight through friends and family on Facebook. Shane’s employer also helped by sharing the link to his fundraising page on his own social channels.

Working as a Blind Radio Host

Before Discovering eSight

Before eSight, he wasn’t using any technology to assist him at work. He tried using screen magnifiers but he found that it wasn’t enlarging enough for him. Instead, he had to get right up to the computer screen in order to see, while straining and squinting his eyes.

“This put a lot of strain on my back, especially as I had to do it for six to seven hours a day.”

Shane became accustomed to this tiring and uncomfortable method of working that he had developed since he started in 1998, until he was able to receive eSight in 2018. Now, he can sit back in his chair and see perfectly fine.

Using eSight at Work

Man working on music on his computer. A visual depiction of the nature of Shane's work as a radio host.

Shane uses his eSight to read the computer screen for any songs and commercials that are coming up, or any sheets that list local events.

“I can hold the paper or view the screen at the same distance as most sighted people can.”

Shane loves the zoom and contrast features in his job especially, as well as the magnification in order to see both near and far.

“I didn’t realize how much time I spent looking for the mouse on my screen. Now, I’m getting work done faster which leads to more opportunities to do things I couldn’t do before.”

In fact, after purchasing eSight, he is having to remind his co-workers that even though they know him as a blind radio host, he is now capable of performing many new tasks.

eSight’s Benefits Outside of Work

Shane uses his eSight to watch TV and read books at home. As well, he uses it when reading the backs of packages when he is shopping on his own.

Shane’s 2-year anniversary with eSight is this September 2020.

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