CEO Brewmaster Goes Back To Work With Enhanced Vision Technology from eSight

June 28, 2022

Meet Hunter Dodge from Kalamazoo, Michigan who was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy

Life and word before eSight

Hunter Dodge is the CEO and President of American Brewers in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When meeting Hunter, you’d be surprised to know he struggles with vision loss. His big beard and even bigger personality easily disguise his challenges. However, he’s been living with vision loss since early 2019. After having cataracts removed, he was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy, an eye condition that can cause blindness in those with diabetes. A symptom of the condition is very blurry vision, which left Hunter unable to do many of the computer based tasks needed to run the brewery. 

He became so limited at work that his wife had to leave her job to help him at the brewery. She took on all the administrative work, making sure Hunter could get to and from work, and anything Hunter’s vision limited him from doing. As you can imagine, this put extra strain on them both. 


Discovering eSight

Hunter’s friend and business partner came across eSight and suggested he try it. He took part in eSight’s Telehealth program, where a potential eSight patient meets virtually with a Vision Care Specialist. After an hour-long session, Hunter had learned the basics to control the device, and had been assessed both with and without wearing an eSight. After his session, Hunter took a few days to put the eSight through its paces at home and at work. Over those two days, he realized his life was about to change for the better.

It’s amazing the things that eSight can do!…I’ve been able to increase my productivity by 60-70%.”


Life With eSight

Hunter is now able to take on some of the responsibilities he had given up at work. He’s able to read recipes, read measurements, write reports, and even do the accounting himself. He has also cut down the time it takes him to complete tasks. This lets him spend more time with his family, instead of straining over the computer late into the night.

Outside of work, Hunter is also re-engaging with his hobbies. He’s making leather goods, hunting, fishing & even foraging for morel mushrooms, a Michigan staple. He credits his eSight coach, Richard, for his overwhelming success with the device. “The customer service at eSight is spectacular.” Hunter said, as he sang Richard’s praises, recounting how much Richard helped him with returning to his hobbies. 

Hunter is now one of eSight’s super users. Happily telling anyone who will listen about how much eSight has changed his life. He’s been able to re-engage with his family, friends, hobbies and work in a meaningful way. If you’re ever in Kalamazoo, stop by American Brewers and have a drink with Hunter, a self-proclaimed viking and one of eSight’s favourite success stories.