Entrepreneur LeRon Carter Sr. Regains Independence After Vision Loss With eSight

May 21, 2020

Losing Sight From Glaucoma

LeRon Carter Sr. is an energetic entrepreneur who focuses on building businesses as well as ministering to members of his church. Now 40, LeRon began using eSight in June 2019 to help him with vision loss problems caused by glaucoma. He first began experiencing vision difficulties about 14 years ago, but thanks to eSight, he was able to regain his independence after his vision loss and participate in activities again with his family and friends.

He described that, “When I lost my eyesight, it took me to a place of wanting to give up, not caring, being scared. I always had eye problems but I woke up one day and [my eyesight] was gone.”

“I prayed and cried until I had no more tears. I always thought the good lord would give my eyesight back. I was an anti-technology guy. Now I believe technology is a tremendous thing.”

Becoming Tech-Savvy

During LeRon’s first experience with eSight, he went out to dinner with his son and wife. He found that he needed much more time to order because he was too busy reading the menu.

Menu at a restaurant.

“I didn’t care about eating, I was so excited to read the menu and actually see what was in the dishes. I was able to do that on my own!”

LeRon further described how during this first try with eSight, he was continually astounded by what he was able to see. When he peered out of a window – “I [could] actually see the birds in the tree, the leaves” – or gazed at a painting, he saw everything with an unprecedented level of clarity since he first started experiencing the loss of his vision. “Everyone in the room was crying. For the first time in a long time, I had a moment of clarity, peace, and confidence inside my own self.”

LeRon credits eSight for helping him regain his independence after vision loss. “It’s given me so much more confidence,” he explained, citing examples of how it has increased his self-sufficiency even in everyday tasks like cooking and shopping for groceries.

eSight has also allowed him to enjoy entertainment more thoroughly, as he was awestruck while watching the NBA finals and recounted how, “I could see across the table to the TV and see the game clearly. I was able to see players’ headbands and read jersey numbers.”

Entrepreneurship and Church Ministry

LeRon has worn many hats in business, from being a traveling salesman for a motor company, to founding his own vocal rehab business, to running a cleaning business with his wife, to establishing a fundraising company. LeRon now has a goal of getting his own TV show, The Encourager, to be broadcast nation-wide in order to share stories of overcoming hardships and well-earned accomplishments.

As well, LeRon currently serves as an associate minister in his church. Prior to using eSight, he required a multitude of tools to magnify text in order to read the Bible and study with his congregation but now he only needs one. 

Man looking at Bible.

eSight doesn’t only come in handy for his business and church activities, though. He jokes that now, when he plays video games with his kids, “I can get a couple of wins under my belt.”

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