eSight® Corporation As One Of The Three Innovative Canadian Companies At AAO 2022

Media Coverage
August 16, 2023

Last year, eSight® Corporation was featured in an article “Innovative Canadian Companies Among First-Time Exhibitors at AAO 2022 Meeting” by Optik Now. 

About AAO 2022 – American Academy of Optometry

Optometrists, vision scientists, and other qualified professionals who have committed to the demanding process necessary to earn the coveted distinction, Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO), make up the Academy’s membership.

In 2022, AAO organized a meeting in San Diego, between October 25-28. Three innovative Canadian organizations including eSight® Corporation made their debut at the Centennial Celebration at this AAO meeting.

At the meeting, Roland and Cosmo spoke to various doctors, optometrists and attendees, explaining how eSight® devices work and help people with central vision loss see better. The overall experience was great with detailed educational discussions and live eSight 4™ demonstrations.    

The Most Innovative & Clinically Validated Eyewear For People With Central Vision Loss

eSight 4™ is a wearable device for people with central vision loss. It can help people with macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, diabetic retinopathy, Optic Atrophy, and other eye conditions caused by central vision loss. 

eSight® Technology has been developed after several years of research, design and innovation. The device uses a combination of advanced cameras, OLED screens, and intuitive software to improve vision.

The built-in software boosts brightness and employs contrast or color filters to activate photoreceptors in the center of the eye, capturing stimuli that the wearer is no longer able to sense due to damage to their central retina. 

Thereafter, the brain separates the center picture from the periphery image to remove the blind spot after being sent the image by the photoreceptors. 

To learn more about how eSight 4™ works, please visit our ‘How It Works’ page. If you or your loved one wants to try eSight® devices and go through the easy screening process, please use our Free Consultation to know if you’re the right candidate for eSight® electronic devices.