eSight Helps Macular Degeneration Patient Connect with His Family

August 25, 2020

Watch how eSight Helped Gary, a Macular Degeneration Patient, Regain his Confidence

Withdrawing From His Family after Vision Loss

Gary Foster lives with macular degeneration and has been an eSight wearer since 2015. When he lost his central vision, he found that he wasn’t able to get instant feedback from people’s facial expressions when having conversations with them, and he started to withdraw. He also lost his job working in Parks Canada as he could no longer drive. As a macular degeneration patient, Gary was told there was nothing they could do for his sight loss.

Gary’s First Look at eSight, and the World

Fortunately, his family noticed the change in him and brought him to try eSight as one of many people in a long line wanting to look through the device. When it was Gary’s turn, his wife asked him what he saw. He replied, “I see your face.” Then, when looking around, he found that, “I can see everybody’s face.” His wife started to cry.

“It was my first look at eSight, and the world.”

– Gary Foster, on trying eSight for the first time

Returning to his Favourite Hobbies

He is able to read his own mail and watch TV. He picked up reading again, which was one of his favourite hobbies that he gave up after his vision started deteriorating from his macular degeneration. He now works with his tools creating beautiful wooden pens and garden pieces.

Regaining his Independence with eSight

Gary Foster, sitting with his wife. Gary is a long term eSight user and macular degeneration patient.

“eSight gave me my independence back, it gave me back what I took for granted,” Gary smiled, with his wife beside him. She added, “eSight is fantastic. This is something that everybody needs to have that can’t see. For us, it was life-changing, not just for him, for me as well.”

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